At Bonalba Golf Course we host from international competitions to amateur leagues, through social tournaments, private competitions and federative championships, all organized by our great team of golf professionals.

Take a look at the Bonalba competition calendar, sign up for your favorite championships, review the rules and the World Handicap System and learn about the different Bonalba Leagues.


At Golf Bonalba you can enjoy playing golf throughout the year. Check the annual calendar of tournaments and competitions and sign up for your favorite events.

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Bonalba Senior League

This competition takes place on the first Friday of each month throughout the year, divided into two phases. The points of each phase are accumulated to give the winners of the first phase and second phase. Once the League is over, we will know the absolute winner of the SENIOR LEAGUE 2022 BONALBA.

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Bonalba Ladies League

The Bonalba Ladies League, with a test every month of the year, was born with the aim that all golf players enjoy a great day of play surrounded by good company while they compete practicing their favorite sport.
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World Handicap System

Learn about the new world golf handicap system that unifies and improves the different handicap systems that apply in various areas of the world, establishing a unique way to define the handicap of golf players from all over the world.
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Golf rules

Since 2019, new Rules of Golf have been in force, after receiving numerous opinions and proposals from the golfing world, including some of the RFEG. These new Rules affect all golfers, making them easier to understand and apply not only for professionals and elite amateurs, but also for beginners, low handicappers and club players.
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