Bonalba Pool

During the summer months, visit our themed outdoor pool, an oasis of greenery where you can relax and enjoy the sun and good weather.
Visit our beach bar and try one of our refreshing cocktails or celebrate your event in its surroundings at the Golf Bonalba Restaurant.

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The 2023 Pool Season will begin with the opening of the weekend June 10 and 11 and June 17 and 18. Starting June 24, the facility will be open daily until September 3.

-Limited capacity.

The telematic payment by card or other digital media will be maintained.

The Bonalba pool is a privileged place for its landscape and climate, the Bonalba Golf Course is located in the building next to the Club House, outdoors where the harmony of stone is combined in an oasis.

11:00H TO 19:30H
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  • Weekend and holidays: €16
  • With the GF of the day: €8
  • Guest golf member: €8
  • Bonalba Hotel Guest: €12
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(From 1 to 12 years)

  • Weekend and holidays: €9
  • Bonalba Hotel Guest: €6
  • Guest golf member: €5
  • Lockers: €3
  • Towels: €4
  • Lounge Chair: €6
  • Deposit: €5
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For reasons of public health, the Use Measures, Capacity Control, and Daily Hygiene will be strict.

Please respect the instructions of the Staff at all times, it is the best way to maintain an ideal environment for everyone.

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We request the use of the bins throughout the facilities.

No smoking in the entire pool facilities.

It is forbidden to go out in a swimsuit outside the pool area.

The golf season ticket holder must be accompanied by the season ticket holder in any case

It is mandatory to use the showers before each dive in the pool

The pool access pass is non-transferable. The bracelet is mandatory to access the pool

The entry or use of balls, mats, etc. is not allowed in the pool area

It is forbidden to manipulate glass objects in the entire pool area.

Children under 13 must be accompanied by adults

The use of a swimsuit is mandatory

Diving headfirst and jumping from high areas, playing dangerous and violent games and running and jumping around the facilities are prohibited

The entry of refrigerators, food and drinks is prohibited

It is not allowed to enter the enclosure with animals

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  • The company reserves the right of admission.
  • The management reserves the right to suspend the access of new users for as long as necessary due to having a reduced capacity allowed, or for reasons of health safety or any reason of public interest that must be preserved.
  • In the case of repeated breach of these rules of use, those responsible, lifeguards and other employees of the facilities will have the power to warn, and even expel from them without any reimbursement, those people who do not respect these rules and will be notified to the authorities present

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