Golf School

Teaching golf, health and values

Discover the Bonalba Golf School and the courses available for all ages. Promote, live and share the values and experiences that golf transmits. From the youngest to the oldest, participate in one of the most inclusive sports:

Summer Golf School
Children's School
Adults' School
Private Lessons

Golf School

Children's School

*Registration: €20
  • €150 quarter – Adults and children
  • Bonalba Members in children’s school 130€ Quarter
* At the end of each trimester a competition will be held on the field.
Depending on the age and level of the students, it will be 1, 3 or 9 holes.
Federated children of the golf school may have field trips (subject to availability) by paying the members’ green fee of €7 (18 holes) and €5 (9 holes). Equipment included.
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Adults' School

* Registration 20€

  • 150€ Quarter

The students of the adult school will have a free course exit when obtaining the federative license.

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Private Lessons

Christian Ziff

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Name: Christian Ziff
Place of birth: Poole, Inglaterra
Birth date: 10/02/1973
Languages: Inglés nativo y español nivel alto
Professional since1992


  • Player – Assistant and certified golf teacher by Rfegolf
    TPI Certified level1-2 and Junior.
  • Courses taught by John Jacobs and Tommy Horton (2002 – 2004)


  • Coach of the SUB 21 teams of the Valencian Federation, being champions of Spain on 8 occasions, runner-up in Spain on 6 occasions and 4 times bronze medalist.
  • Caddy of the player Josele Ballester in the British amateur, finishing in 2nd position (2018)

Featured tournaments.
Costa Blanca Challenge del European Tour (2000)

Juan Alberto

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Name: Juan Alberto Albert Moltó
Place of birth: Alicante, España

Languages: Fluent Spanish and high level English

Birth date: 04/07/1982


  • Monitor & Sports Technician in Golf and Pitch & Putt graduated from the School of Sports Technicians of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation
    2006 – 2021.
  • Golf professional with the category of Monitor certified by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.
  • 2021 – Now. Sports Technician in Golf and Pitch & Putt graduated from the School of Sports Technicians of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.
  • 2022. Local Referee of the Valencian Golf Federation.

Featured Tournaments (Jugador):

  • Spanish Junior Championship (2000)
  • 2nd at Men’s Interclubs Valencian Community (2005)
  • Spanish Championship of Monitors, Teacher Assistants and Teachers (2006)
  • Spanish Championship of Monitors, Teacher Assistants and Teachers (2007)
  • Regular member of the FGCV professional circuit 2015 – 2018


  • David Gilford’s caddy (6 victories on the European Tour) Staysure European tour Costa Blanca 2019.

*We also have Diego as a pro assistant in the children’s groups.



  • 10:30H TO 11:30H
  • 11:35H TO 12:35H

  • 16:00H TO 17:00H


  • 10:30H TO 11:30H
  • 11:35H TO 12:35H


  • QUARTER 150€
  • QUARTER 130€


  • Promote the values that golf transmits such as honesty, camaraderie and respect for oneself and other teammates.
  • Establish a more dynamic and extensive structure of the golf school in order to develop the activity of golf among the little ones.
  • Participate in various national, regional and internal competitions so that they learn to compete in tournaments representing their club.
  • Achieve an organization program that is taken as an example for future generations.

Specific objectives

  • Carry out continuous monitoring to improve teaching and definition of group placement.
  • Form small teaching groups, between 6 and 8 students per teacher according to the levels of play and the age of the students.
  • Promote school activities and have fluid communication between coaches and parents.
  • That the entire environment be an active participant in the development and progress of our students.

Health benefits of golf

It is a healthy sport

It allows you to cover considerable distances (around ten kilometers per game) at a light but not strenuous pace, and almost without noticing it, because you will be participating in a game.

You do light aerobic exercise

Very convenient for those who cannot perform other more demanding workouts.

Helps to avoid being overweight

Through an exercise as simple as walking at a good pace you can control your weight.

Does not require a strength preparation

In addition, it has been shown to improve muscle flexibility and aerobic endurance.

Allows you to tone arms, back, chest and abdomen

Due to the type of exercise that is performed, golf allows you to strengthen these parts of the body. And this happens without your joints suffering.

Burns calories

It is estimated that the energy expenditure of a five-hour golf session is around 1,400 kilocalories. On a nine-hole walking tour, the cost is around 700 kilocalories.

Improves your ability to concentrate

Golf helps you focus on every aspect of the game, you focus all your senses on one task, which improves your ability to concentrate.

Reduce your stress levels

Concentrate on all the elements that influence a good hit. From choosing the right club for the distance, going through the intensity of the wind and its direction, playing golf helps you forget about your daily problems, everything is geared towards getting the ball to fly in the desired direction.

It's a social sport

Playing golf is an activity that is usually practiced with friends, in groups of 3 or 4 players. Being a sport that is practiced on foot, it allows you to talk, socialize and meet other players united by the same passion.

It takes place in a natural environment with which we interact

The golf courses follow the principles of good ecological practice and sustainable development. Golf and the environment: a successful tandem. It is played outdoors and in contact with nature, the golf courses act as a true green lung, you will avoid the pollution generated in the city surrounded by trees, plants and grass.